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Please give it up for Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) — the newest user of The People’s Network!

As the first university to join the Network, SCSU will be deploying Hotspots and IoT solutions to empower students and assist the local community.

Enabling Holistic Education

SCSU is defined by a commitment to academic excellence, access, social justice, and service for the public good. Above all, the university seeks to empower individuals through education. The People’s Network amplifies this mission by providing low-cost, accessible, and open-source connectivity for students as they learn to deploy IoT solutions on campus and beyond.

SCSU plans to deploy…

Today Helium and Victor®, the world’s largest manufacturer of rodent-control traps, are excited to announce a partnership to bring better-connected mousetraps to commercial and residential buildings near you. Gone are the days of manually having to monitor traps on top of your pesky problem. Through this partnership, customers will be able to purchase Victor’s VLINK® Tunnel Traps from Parley Labs and set up a fully remote solution in minutes powered by The People’s Network.

The People’s Network, the largest public LoRaWAN network in the world — spanning over 3,000 cities globally — is owned and operated by consumers who have…

We’re thrilled to announce Nexmachina joins The People’s Network from Spain as the newest user to the Helium ecosystem 🇪🇸!

The company was started in 2013 to promote wireless technologies for the improvement of communications and the development of new IoT solutions. In recent years, Nexmachina has deepened its commitment to connectivity issues and designing comprehensive solutions, with a special emphasis on more sustainable IoT applications that are accessible and beneficial to all types of people and businesses.

Today, Nexmachina offers a suite of solutions that are competitive in price, performance, and adaptable to the different needs of B2C, B2B…

Say hello to Stofl 👋 — the newest user of The People’s Network!

Today we’re excited to share that Stofl has selected The People’s Network to not only help expand wireless coverage throughout Europe, but also grow the Helium ecosystem by facilitating the development and adoption of compatible LoRa technology.

Stofl Spurs Modernization

Stofl’s team is made up of successful entrepreneurs who believe that all industrial sectors will need to undergo significant changes and modernizations over the coming years. …

We’re thrilled to welcome Airly, our newest user of The People’s Network! Airly is dedicated to making air quality visible and understandable by all by building a single source of truth for global air quality data with sensors that keep tabs on conditions in real-time.

Airly believes that every citizen has the right to breathe clean air. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 91% of people are exposed to and frequently breathe harmful and polluted air. …

Say hello to our newest network user, Nobel Systems 👋! Specializing in IoT devices for utilities and municipalities, Nobel Systems has been a leader in its field for over 25 years, delivering real-world solutions that integrate with existing networks and devices, enabling the collection and sharing of data.

Nobel Systems has selected The People’s Network to provide network connectivity for their new GeoViewer Parking Application, an IoT solution to identify in real-time whether parking spots are occupied or vacant in major metropolitan areas. …

After several weeks of discussion and debate, the Helium Community approved Helium Improvement Proposal 20 (HIP 20) following the community call on November 18th, 2020.

HIP 20 was proposed by community members James Fayal, Arman Dezfuli-Arjomandi, and Tushar Jain. The approved proposal introduces a maximum supply for HNT and the concept of “halvenings,” which ultimately reduces the issuance of HNT every two years on the Network’s genesis anniversary. Read about HIP 20 from the authors here.

What are the impacts of HIP 20?

This is a major change to the overall token economics of the Network, so please make sure to learn about its impacts below and…

Please welcome LoneStar Tracking, one of our most recent users of The People’s Network! LoneStar is a leader in GPS tracking and environmental monitoring systems, based in Texas.

LoneStar was started to provide an easy-to-use, affordable, and secure method of tracking vehicles and assets across the globe. Over the years, the company has evolved, and now uses the term “tracking” very loosely. Their team of GPS experts have designed and developed equipment to track almost everything imaginable, and even some things that aren’t as imaginable!

Asset Tracking Across Industries

Today, LoneStar has tracking and environmental monitoring deployments across many industries, including:

  • Vehicles and Trailers

Today, we’re excited to announce a new network user that’s bringing The People’s Network to kids around the globe. It’s a partnership we’re very proud to be a part of, combining agricultural and environmental monitoring on The People’s Network with children’s education and community service.

OPEN (One Planet Education Network) is devoted to promoting STEM education programs on sustainable community development. Working with primary and secondary level classrooms, OPEN teaches students to use next-generation technologies to solve challenges in the real world, such as ensuring food security, monitoring the environment and climate change, and supporting emergency services.

OPEN’s goal is…

The other week, myDevices and Helium unveiled a new myDevices marketplace featuring over 400+ plug & play applications for The People’s Network. Whether you want to outfit your own home with air quality monitors, automate temperature to keep food and medicine safe, detect water leaks, or build a business around asset tracking, myDevices now offers pre-provisioned sensors that automatically connect to The People’s Network and are fully customizable.

The best part? It’s incredibly easy to deploy your dream application — you simply scan, install, and start monitoring data.

myDevices solutions come with an app and dashboard to monitor sensors on…


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